Breastfeeding support & education @ hospital / home / clinic

Breastfeeding is a relationship between mother & child. In a healthy relationship we feel secure and comfortable, enjoy the time spend together, communicate clearly, etc. & like any typical relationship, it involves more than one person ;-).
Is the breastfeeding couple feeding comfortably and baby getting the milk, s/he needs? Then the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) is the relationship cheerleader (your breast friend ;-) to support & encourage during this special journey.
Is the breastfeeding couple experiencing challenges? Then the IBCLC is the "relationship" counsellor who provides information, education, support and encouragement in order for the breastfeeding couple to communicate clearly and feed comfortably while baby is getting the milk s/he needs and help the breastfeeding family reach their breastfeeding goals. Always remember: Your body, Your Breasts, Your baby. IBCLCs are here to support, encourage, inform and educate, not prescribe. 
Good quality breastfeeding counselling cannot be rushed. However, health care professionals often have an  overabundance of responsibilities that compete with the time needed for breastfeeding counselling. At the Breastfeeding Clinic, we do our best to offer you TIME:
Information and
Management after
Exploring what the family knows and needs
Who is helping your family with breastfeeding? The Internet, a Specialists or Foogle*? While the Internet is mostly the first source of health information for parents, Specialists are the most important central resource, with Foogle* also playing an important role. Beware of BOOBY TRAPS – it is a sad truth that many (not all) clinic / pharmacy / hospital nurses / health care providers may have very little (if any) training specifically in breastfeeding or lactation support and are not lactation consultants. Make sure you and your baby are on the right track with a reliable assessment by a Certified Lactation Consultant ;-).

 *Foogle: To ask friends, families, peers 


Services offered by The Breastfeeding Clinic in the Helderberg
  • Prenatal education sessions by appointment
  • Training for Health Care Providers / Breastfeeding Supporters
  • Consultations in hospital before discharge by appointment
  • Home visits after discharge by appointment
  • Clinic visits by appointment
  • To schedule a one-on-one private consultation with an IBCLC please WhatsApp Leana at 083 415 4657 or visit the Contact page.
  • NOTE: a follow-up consultation may be required 
  • Just love your breastfeeding journey? Interested to help others or even make a career of it? ask me how ;-)
Please bring the following when you come to the clinic:
  • Your baby (hungry / full / sleeping / crying / cranky / happy – all welcome)
  • Baby's “Road to Health” booklet (A5 size, given to you at discharge). If you forget it at home, don’t turn back to go fetch it. We’ll fill it in next time
  • Your partner / mother / mother-in-law / best friend / neighbor (all optional)
  • Your list of questions
  • Two blankets; one to undress baby on and one to weigh your naked baby one
  • If you use any specific breastfeeding aids / tools / gadget / pumps etc. bring it along 
If there are latching issues we would like to see baby breastfeed while at the clinic, so dress yourself in breastfeeding friendly clothes ;-).
Baby will be weighed NAKED, so dress baby in clothes that undress "easily" (and remember to bring the nappy bag!). 

To schedule a one-on-one private consultation with your IBCLC please WhatsApp Leana at 083 415 4657 or visit the Contact page.

We are able to assist with normal, challenging, and/or unusual breastfeeding situations such as:

  • antenatal breastfeeding sessions (digest information in a quiet, peaceful way, figure out what you want, what you know, where you want to take your breastfeeding relationship)

  • assisting with the non-latching baby during the early postpartum days / coping with a disorganized suck & protecting the milk supply

  • coping with engorgement

  • help baby get a deeper latch (NOT “correct” a “poor” latch! No judgement here. Breastfeeding is a relationship!)  

  • first post-discharge visit (within the first week) to check baby’s latch, weight, help parents with possible engorgement, answer new-parent concerns

  • weekly weight checks for the 1st 6 weeks, then every 2nd week until 3 months, then monthly until a year, then every 2nd or 3rd month until 2 years

  • breastfeeding information and support when going back to work

  • addressing “not enough” milk

  • coping with breast “refusal” (newborns may have inability to latch immediately but can’t “refuse”, older babies could possibly refuse)

  • dealing with faltered growth

  • help with baby with arched palate & tethered oral tissues (commonly known as tongue tie/lip tie)

  • investigate reason for sore nipples not responding to routine care

  • breastfeeding multiples and premature babies

  • breastfeeding after breast surgery

  • help with nipple/breast conditions such as blocked ducts, milk blisters, vasospasm, thrush infections, Mammary Constriction Syndrome, etc.

  • resource for medications in mother's milk

  • starting solids

  • and much more!

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Breastfeeding Guide Booklet


The Breastfeeding Clinic in Somerset West is facilitated by Leana Habeck,

B Cur (Stell) RN, RM, RPN, CHN, 

Dip Peri Ed (UJ), 

Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), 

Trainer of trainers,

mother of 3

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