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Welcome to The Breastfeeding Clinic in the Helderberg (Somerset West, Strand, Gordon's Bay and surrounding areas).

It is said that raising a baby should be a community effort. This does not mean other people should take over caring for your baby. No, it means while you rest and recover from the birth, others take over the cooking, cleaning and looking after the siblings so you have the time to bond with and breastfeed your new baby. The first two weeks are critical for breast milk production and we do not need all that "helpful" (is it?) advice to confuse us! PLEASE trust your parental instinct. It will tell you to keep your baby close and feed her/him when s/he wants to. I hope this site will come in very handy in the "wee" hours of the morning!

Information, Support and Encouragement on this website and blog mostly provided by

Leana Habeck

B Cur (Stell) RN, RM, RPN, CHN, Dip Peri Ed (UJ), LLLL, IBCLC, Trainer of Trainers, Mother of 3

Cell: 083 415 4657


Leana, a mother of 3 beautiful breastfed children, has a degree in Nursing (from University of Stellenbosch) and she is a qualified Perinatal Educator (University of Johannesburg). She has been helping many parents prepare for birth and early parenthood through antenatal classes in Stellenbosch and Somerset West. Leana is also a La Leche League Leader and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Over many years, together with two colleagues at “The Breastfeeding Clinic” in Somerset West and Stellenbosch, she has helped many families nourish their babies with breastmilk.


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