I really want to breastfeed but my baby seems to be “refusing”?!

I really want to breastfeed but my baby seems to be “refusing”?!

You have done everything you can to help breastfeeding get off to the best possible start AND baby fed really well on day 1 and maybe day 2 OR hasn’t really had a good feed at the breast yet. What to do?!

Check out this excellent piece on Breastfeeding Inc.’s website on knowing if baby is getting enough milk. (4.)

If things are not going optimally:

Rule #1 is feed the baby (Expressed Breast Milk or milk from Breast milk bank)

Rule #2 is protect your supply (with manual or electric expressing)

Rule #3 is get baby back to the breast (protect the breastfeeding relationship)

Rule #1: Feed the Baby

If baby is for whatever reason not feeding or not feeding well, express and feed baby expressed breast milk or milk from a breast milk bank.

Rule #2: Protect Your Supply

The single most important factor in establishing successful breastfeeding is the volume of milk produced in the first one to two weeks postpartum. Research shows milk production and adequacy at 6 weeks after birth, (for mothers of both healthy breastfeeding term infants and non-nursing preterm infants) have been shown to have a significant relationship with milk production 4 – 6 days after birth. (1.,2.)

When to express?

If baby is unable to suckle – begin ASAP after birth within an hour, preferably by latest 6 hours. (3.)

How long to express?

Colostrum on teaspoon every hour or two if baby is unable to suck. If expressing to increase milk supply aim for 10 - 20 minutes at least 7 - 8x/24 hours. (5.)

Rule #3: Get Baby Back to Breast

As described on Breastfeeding Inc.’s website, having baby skin-to-skin is the first step towards successful breastfeeding. Watch excellent video’s on Dr. Theresa Nesbitt and Nancy Mohrbacher’s site on latching. (6.). Help protect the breastfeeding relationship, for the non-latching baby by topping baby up by cup, with a teaspoon or even finger feeding. (7)

finger feeding

If you are struggling GET HELP sooner than later!

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