I think my milk is drying up ;-(.

I think my milk is drying up ;-(.

It is a real worry for an exclusively breastfeeding mother-baby pair if it feels as if the milk might be “drying up”.

There may be many reasons for this. First we usually look at - how is baby's weight gain? If baby is gaining well on breastfeeding alone then we know milk supply is sufficient and it may be baby's behaviour around growth spurts or an illness that might make it seem like it is a supply issues.

If baby's weight is plateauing or dropping then the next step is to look at how baby feeds at the breast as well as how often. While working on breastfeeding management and baby is still not gaining, one can go through an extensive history taking to determine if it is indeed a supply issues and whether it is due to anatomy, physiology or/and management.

Rule #1 is always: Feed the Baby. Thus should baby have a weight issues one may perhaps top baby up (ideally with expressed breastmilk), or feed more often and/or try breast compressions, deeper latch etc. while working to get the supply back to where it was. Many would just prescribe a pill (like Fenugreek, Eglonyl, Maxolon, etc.) to make more prolactin available to help make more milk, BUT these are just the building blocks for milk production and mom & baby need to put in the work to use the building blocks to help the breasts make more milk by feeding more often and /or expressing.

Mothers are often quick in “blaming” themselves if baby’s behaviour changes, probably because it is easier to “remedy” if it is within our control!

Don’t suffer in silence! Reach out for support! Raising a baby is a community effort – no need to do it alone ;-). Contact an IBCLC today!

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